• Julie Williams

PESTO PASTA - No jar sauce!

A deliciously healthy pasta sauce version made completely in your kitchen with no jar sauce that’s normally filled with preservatives, sugar or excessive salt. A great way to include healthy greens!


In a powerful blender add and blend....

1 big handful of baby spinach 1 handful of coriander 100g goat or sheep feta cheese 150g macadamia nuts 100- 150mls macadamia oil A few good punches of pink Himalayan salt 2 cloves of garlic

Dice 3-4 chicken thighs in a pan with macadamia oil and a good dressing of natural pink Himalayan salt. Add 1 full head of broccoli separated into broccoli florets.

Using your choice of pasta (we use 1 pack of San Remo GF penne), gentle mix the pesto through the penne in a large bowl and add the cooked chicken and broccoli.

tasty as!

This recipe is....

Filled with greens, protein and healthy fats. A healthy carb meal great for growing or busy bodies.

Easy to prepare ahead, ready for a busy few days and store in a container in the fridge.


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