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  • Through Telehealth secure video conferencing, we can work together towards your wellness goals.

  • All prescribed nutritional or herbal formulas are easily delivered to your door. 

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Package Delivered

“I believe we need healthy personal responsibility and healthy personal value to create abundance for our health, finances, work and personal growth"

OPTION 1......Intro to Clean Eating - 1 week Program        
Investment $330

  • 7 day program eating clean, real, unpackaged unprocessed food

  • 1x Online Group Nutritional Consultation through Zoom video conferencing 

  • 1x Online Private Nutritional Consultation through Zoom video conferencing

  • Digestive and detoxification support from Kaolin (white) clay 

  • Multiple recipes based on quality plant fibers from fruit and veg, small amounts of meat, healing broths and/or other proteins

  • Multiple smoothie and juice recipes containing healthy fats, fruits, protein and/or vegetables.

  • Recommended food list

  • Nutrients list

  • Professional guidance on using food and herbs as medicine

  • 100ml herbal tincture to support liver, digestive processes and/or blood sugar levels

Video Conference

OPTION 2......Intro to Gut Healing + Microbiome Testing
Investment - $650

  • 1x Complete Microbiome Mapping Test - This integrative test will be sent to you to provide a stool sample to be analyzed in a medical lab that specializes in functional health and pathology testing for complementary medicine practitioners and their patients.   


The Microbiome Mapping Test will provide important information about the current condition and function of your gut environment. This includes detecting parasites/worms, opportunistic bacteria, fungi/yeast, bacterial pathogens, viral pathogens, beneficial bacteria and GIT (gastro intestinal markers). The medical lab normally charges $360 for this test on it's own.

  • 2x 1.5 hr Private Nutrition or Naturopathy Consultations with Julie to interpret this test with you and guide you towards an effective treatment plan using foods and meal ideas, nutrition formulas or herbal tinctures.

  • Learn how our nervous system and stress can negatively impact our gut and digestive system and what you can implement to support this. 

Please note: the cost of nutrient formulas or herbal tinctures you may be prescribed are not included in the cost of this program.  

“Both my Naturopathy Consultations and Online Programs can cover a lot, but most people just need momentum, simple and effective solutions and strategies with encouragement to help guide them on their healing journey”.  

Image by Brooke Lark