• Initial Consultation - 1.5hr = $130

  • Follow up Consultation - 1 hr = $100

  • Basic 'follow up' Consult - 30mins = $60

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Imagine a world where food and all it's nutrients, offer us medicine to heal. Imagine a world where we have the ability to choose healing nutrient-dense foods to support our body and its demands. This world does exist and when you embark on a journey of healing with foods we not only become healthier, more vibrant and, more energetic, we also become more empowered.


Making responsible healthy choices has a flow-on effect in many other areas of our lives emotionally, physically and financially. Over 20 years ago my lovely homebirth midwife/naturopath would say...

"When we have our health our options are endless!"

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Nutritional Medicine consultations with Julie focus on working toward your individual needs and health goals by discussing your typical diet and any lifestyle factors which may impact your choices.

These would usually include

  • stress and nervous system

  • dietary habits

  • time and availability 

  • work and family commitments 

  • exercise and energy output

  • budget

  • family health history

  • previously diagnosed illnesses

  • sleep and energy

  • digestive function

  • your expectations

  • most of all...... digestive function.

Observing immediate physical symptoms and signs of possible nutrient deficiencies with every patient would typically take place through

  • nail, tongue, and iris analysis

  • stool and digestive function questioning

  • diet and symptom diary

  • current and past health conditions

  • any possible food intolerances or diagnosed allergies

  • any food allergies or intolerances

During your treatment process, Julie may also request further testing for various conditions or nutrient levels.










Every patient will receive an independent approach according to their condition. Julie works holistically using food as medicine rather than working simply with weights and measuring quantities of food intake or fad diets.

A special interest of Julie's is providing practical tips for your nutritional and lifestyle adjustment period. This includes meal prep, food storage, and kitchen organization tips that will make you feel empowered to embrace your newfound skills and make these changes as smooth as possible. 

"Helping you feel comfortable is important to me, but I’ll also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone by helping you move out of your old habits"


The important balance of the digestive and nervous system function

The role of the digestive system is very complex and with an estimated 80% of our immune system located in our gut, it is becoming an essential area to focus on for improving or healing any condition in the body.


Our digestive system is also controlled by our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest system). If our "rest and digest" phase is dominated by our sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight) then all of our digestive processes are negatively affected. Absorption of nutrients for our cells, organs, and growth and repair will all be negatively affected and this is one way we begin to develop deficiencies of important nutrients which then create illness and disease.


Julie's own previous journey with inflammatory bowel disease has provided a strong understanding of the combined role of the digestive system and the nervous system. During a nutrition or naturopathy consultation, Julie makes sure to explain the impact of this to patients and support them with not only information but also lifestyle strategies, changing previous habits, reducing stress triggers, empowerment, and meal prep inspiration, and organization to encourage positive changes and healing.

If needed, Julie has a variety of qualified and effective practitioners to refer patients to or work collaboratively with. 

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