Hi, I'm Julie! I've been a qualified Naturopath since 2013. My interest in working with healing began in 1993 when I began studying remedial massage and many other various body therapies.

I truly love my job! I love to see people value their health and live with purpose because it benefits not only themselves, but everyone surrounding them. My work allows me to share my knowledge and passion and support you to experience physical and emotional healing and wellbeing. Helping you feel comfortable is important to me, but I’ll also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone by helping you move out of your old habits.

My own journey with health and wellbeing began in my early 20's. I had a zest to seek more and learn how things could be done differently from the norm. I liked to be creative and find opportunities in difficult or unusual situations. 

At age 27, my partner and I chose to have our daughter born naturally at home with private midwifery care. This experience gave me such healthy respect and confidence in my body and its abilities. It also taught me more about my intuition and how to listen to my body rather than fear what could go wrong. A few years later we chose the same for our son's birth and even chose the same midwife.  Both being beautiful, calm, straight forward and relatively quick births which were the result of a calm mum and months of preparation, education, and prenatal and postnatal midwifery care in our own home.

Later in my early 40's as a single mum, working and studying, I experienced the most confronting health challenge. Far more challenging or painful than giving birth to my children........ Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I experienced leaky gut, nutrient deficiencies, and prolonged stress, which resulted in large bowel abscesses, bowel emergency surgeries, and very involved long-term healing. I was provided with very poor advice within the hospital system. The gastroenterologists informed me that foods, healing nutrients, and lifestyle improvements would have no positive impact on inflammatory bowel disease. They also mentioned that it was best I go home, and begin taking steroidal medication and if the pain continued, I should look at having my bowel removed.

"Our body tells us when it’s

out of balance...we are not machines, so supporting it physically, mentally, and spiritually is essential for healing."

Following this, I chose a time of healing the body naturally using foods, herbal medicines, nutrients, emotions, and lifestyle/mindset changes. I set better limits for myself, reduced inflammation caused by food intolerances and chronic stress. 

The whole experience showed me that my health crisis was a blessing in disguise just waiting to happen, so I could again listen to my body better and really appreciate it and of course....share my knowledge with others.

Over the years, my own health journey and raising my young family on acreage with animals, nature, and a large focus on healthy foods, helped create a firm belief that a holistic approach and connecting physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects improve positive healing outcomes.  

Because of my past health journey, a special area of interest with my work is providing practical tips for your nutritional and lifestyle adjustment period. This includes meal prep and kitchen organization tips that empower patients to embrace their newfound skills and make these changes as smooth, enjoyable, and delicious as possible.

If you are really ready to focus on your health and ready to make some changes, I can assist and guide you towards a plan to balance the body naturally.

It can be a challenging time but also one of the most rewarding. 

Contact me today, for massage, naturopathy or online support. 

I can't wait to meet you!