1 Hour Massage+ 15 min Consultation
- $105 


30MINS- $60
60MINS- $90
1.5HR   -$120



Remedial Massage 

Remedial massage therapy is usually a firm body treatment that aims to benefit the body by:

  • Removing deeper tension in muscles or tendons

  • Reducing pain and inflammation

  • Maximizing a healthy range of motion and natural joint mobility

  • Maximizing correct posture

  • Reducing the occurrence of headaches due to muscular tension

  • Supporting and reducing stress and anxiety​

  • Increased circulation and oxygenation of the body tissues

  • Removing toxins and waste more effectively


​Julie has over 30 years of experience working with remedial massage and other body therapies. Her remedial massage treatments may include a variety of techniques, such as deep tissue muscular release, trigger point therapy, Chinese acupressure, PNF stretching, and other types of stretching to support your physical body and posture with demands of your exercise, work or lifestyle.


A brief 'range of motion and postural assessment' is done as part of an initial remedial massage treatment.  

Julie has special interests in...

  • pregnancy muscular tension due to postural shifts

  • neck and shoulder restriction/pain

  • headaches, jaw tension/pain, correct sleep posture

  • hip, lower back pain or sciatica including hip flexor issues

  • plantar fasciitis

  • RSI, tennis elbow and other tendon conditions

  • emotional/physical connections, self care, natural pain relief from her own prescribed herbal medicines 

  • self-care and healthy lifestyle, workplace, and posture strategies.

Julie is comfortable working with everyone....clients with a disability, children (blue card holder), and the elderly. Book online today or call Julie on 0403952830.


Relaxation Massage 


Relaxation massage is popular for those who are very sensitive to pressure.

It offers benefits for the body such as:

  • Enhanced relaxation and calming of the nervous system​

  • Increased breathing and circulation

  • Removing superficial muscular tension

  • Basically.....this type of massage is good if you just want to relax 

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage

Pregnancy is a time where expecting mums have huge physical demands on their bodies. Many postural shifts occur during pregnancy, which adds to muscular and tendon tension and sometimes pain. While it can be a magical time for a woman, once the baby arrives, the demands of carrying, feeding, and caring for the new baby also have a huge effect mentally, physically, and emotionally. Mums who are able to support their wellbeing with massage and self-care, often cope much better emotionally, sleep better and experience less pain and tension. Happy mum, happy baby. 

Pregnancy and postnatal massage offer benefits such as:

  • Reduced muscular and tendon tension

  • Reduced fluid retention and increased circulation

  • Reduced back and neck pain and headaches

  • Improved digestion by assisting relaxation

  • Increased relaxation beneficial for both mum and baby

  • Supportive suggestions for posture, sleep, and feeding to reduce strain on the body

  • Improved production of breastmilk hormones by assisting relaxation

  • Reduced common conditions such as sciatica, hip pain, tendonitis

  • Reduced anxiety in anxious expecting mums

  • Supports mood and thyroid and adrenal hormone production through relaxation

Please inform Julie if you have any concerns or current conditions at the time of your appointment. Comfort is our priority during this massage. Julie recommends and uses extra pillows to support areas such as the neck, knees, and abdomen.

Pregnant Woman
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