• Julie Williams


This is a difficult place for some. Especially right now in the world.

However you are stronger than you think!

If you feel like your power or security is being effected here are some essential wellness practices to help keep you grounded, listen to your intuition or gut feeling and focused on supporting your body, mind and spirit.

These things we CAN control!

They help us create a solid foundation of who WE are and what WE deserve!

And when we know and truly feel we deserve something, it’s much easier to create it.

1. Breathe better - so simple and yet many of us don’t utilise it as well as we could. Check in with your breathing daily - this can be a wonderful tool to manage pain, fear, uncertainty, headaches, overwhelm.

2. Sunshine - not only does the sun effect our vitamin d absorption (which also effects our immune system functions and disease prevention) it also effects our energy, mental health and absorption of many nutrients. 10-15 minutes of UV B rays between 10-2pm actually provides the best opportunity to synthesise vitamin D.

3. Water - pure and filtered if possible. Hydrate your body’s cells to support your skin, replication of cells, thought processes, healthy and regular bowel function, detox support for kidneys/liver/bowel, especially if you drink a few cups of coffee a day and eat lots of carbs from processed foods.

4. Movement - our bodies are made to work and move. Dance, stretch, garden, exercise or yoga. Movement increases our release of endorphins (feel good hormones).

5. Connection or Support - with loved ones and especially those who you resonate with.

We cannot function well without connection. A lack of connection, touch or love can effect our daily mood, motivation, nervous system hormones, brain chemicals and relationships. Connect with some activities or foods that bring you joy like dark chocolate, delicious healthy food choices, meditation, bare feet in grass, affection, animals, massage, laughing, nature.

We are entitled to ALL 5 of these. They should be non negotiable.

Allowing ourselves is the first step to change the energy and patterns which limit our personal power and what we deserve.

Once we create this change we can manifest a healthier, stronger and more resilient being!

Have a beautiful day!

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