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Lifestyle......or tired-style?


Well, it’s almost the end of another decade. What would you like to do in 2020 that brings more balance?

This week as I’m treating both massage and naturopathy clients, I’m witnessing (again and again) the stress or tension, pain, harsh routines, long work hours, study, busy family routines, sick kids, poor diets, old destructive habits, unhealthy expectations, poor sleep or compromised immune systems.

Yeah, our lives are busy. I get it. Mine was a MAJOR pain in the arse once too. Literally! Emotionally and physically. Study, working, single parenting, an exhausting separation, illness, financial and emotional stress....then emergency surgeries and long recovery to “manage” my inflammatory bowel disease flare ups.

Then lots of assessing life and being kinder to myself. I knew I wanted and deserved more, so I made changes. BIG changes.

To cope with these impacts on us, try either putting a few healthy lifestyle strategies in place or take some time to sit back, feel into your body, reflect, take a breath. You’ll start to notice things better and things will get clearer.

Is there any small thing or task you can alter to make life more comfortable and manageable?

Here’s a few things which help many of my clients...

✅ Ask for help! A MUST!

✅ Record your diet and symptoms for 7 days, then we can review it.

✅ Eat nutrient dense foods. Depriving yourself of nourishment is only depleting yourself more.

✅ Get an extra hour of sleep or have a nana nap.

✅ Reward yourself with a holiday or some time out.

✅ Use co-factor nutrients to support our nervous system and brain neurotransmitters like magnesium (spray, baths or supplement), B vitamins, zinc.

✅ Nutrient deficiency testing, gene testing, gut function testing with myself, another naturopath or integrative GP.

✅ When cooking dinner, cook extra for later or freeze some to save time and energy.

✅ Enjoy some time sun, outdoors, movement for your physical body and emotional stresses. Dancing, yoga, walking, running, sitting in nature

✅ Body work....touch, healing, massage, nurturing (and yes, I’ve always tried to enjoy this for myself every 2-3 weeks)

✅ Don’t let emotions and stress FESTER! Is there a trigger?

✅ Silence, meditation, listening

✅ Time and laughter with friends, family, community. We can’t isolate ourselves long term. ✅ Do something that sparks enjoyment. Look at your job, home, hobbies and interests. Travel, study, friendships, thoughts, delights.

We all deserve to be untangled. It creates more movement and freedom in our lives. We can be wound up for years and years or we can can find more flexibility and less pain, tension and freedom.

Consultations available in my Tugun clinic, corporate workplace visits or online/phone consults if you are not in my area.

Enjoy something beautiful for YOU today! Without guilt.

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