• Julie Williams

Chicken, Mushroom & Bok Choy Soup

Here's a delicious soup with simple natural flavors. It's definitely one of my favorites. If you like these natural flavors and you're also a clean soup fan, chances are you'll LOVE this! Just don't be in a hurry to cook this dish. Every step and ingredient of the recipe is super important. No pressure ;)

2-3 big cloves of garlic

1 big piece of ginger

6 chicken thighs cut into medium cubes

4 rashes of bacon cut into small strips

3 sliced bok choy

Lots of himalayan pink salt

4 large swiss brown mushrooms, sliced

In a large frypan put 2-3 tbsp coconut oil. Then fry the chicken and sprinkle generously with sea salt until the chicken is becoming crispy. Add bacon and continue to fry both meats. Next add sliced mushrooms, garlic, ginger and stir everything well. When everything looks to be nice and crispy add 2-3 large cups of bone broth and let it simmer for another 7-8 minutes, making sure you stir gently to remove any delicious crispy remnants on the pan. Lastly add the bok choy and simmer for 1-2 minutes.

Serve on it's own or with brown rice or quinoa or crusty bread of your choice.

Serves 4

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